Accent Coaching and ESL

Whether you need more standard American pronunciation to communicate at school, in professional contact with the public or at work, or you just want to be more in control of the impression you give others when you speak English, I can be of help.  My courses teach individuals to hear and produce American English, guide them into using their new accents in everyday speech. and dramatically increase their ability to understand others' English.

I am a PhD, author and accent coach with 30 years' experience in American English pronunciation and advanced ESL training. I have developed original methods and materials and I custom-design courses for each language, individual student or small group, including in corporate settings.  I've worked extensively with native speakers of a very wide range of languages and understand very well the specific challenges understanding and speaking American English poses to non-native speakers. 

A person's accent has an enormous impact on the impression he or she makes, and it is of great importance to be able to control this aspect of one's image.  My students find our sessions revealing, educational and pleasant, and from the very first class learn to take control of their accents and make profound discoveries about American speech patterns.  Issues of pronunciation that seem opaque and intimidating are broken down into clear and absolutely feasible steps.  The system is very effective and requires no more than several minutes of practice per day.  If desired, I can add units on advanced issues of English grammar, idioms and expressions and conversation.

I provide all materials and can hold training sessions at any Chicago or nearby location convenient to you or your employees.  I typically work with groups of one to five individuals, but can provide larger classes when needed. 

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how I could be of service.

Today I had the pleasure of sitting in a class in which Dale Pesmen taught one of the most important sounds for the Spanish-speaking and other populations — in order for them to be more understandable. The students clapped after the 90 minute class which focused mainly on only one sound (th). Dale has an amazing way with students, and the way she explains it, they get it. I’ve never seen anything like it. She is a rare resource. I’ve studied pronunciation . . . and I’ve talked to the professors . . . about resources for teaching it, and never have encountered anyone as effective as she is. I truly believe — based on what I have observed of her technique, its uniqueness and its reception now from multiple students — that anyone who is serious about improving his or her American accent needs to have at least one session working with her and they will come away hooked. I think there is no better way of teaching Accent Reduction.
— Susan Pogash,

Russian - English Translation & Interpretation

I have experience translating a very wide range of topics from Russian and provide intelligent, fluent, carefully edited, ready-to-publish English language texts.  See "About" page on this site for more detail. For information on Russian-English literary, business, legal, or other translation


I can also assist you in finding top-level simultaneous interpretation and written translating services in most languages worldwide.